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Social Commitment

Genuine interest in improving people's future

Talsa Agroexport (TAE) in Peru and Talsa Global Sourcing (TGS) in Ecuador, Chile and Colombia contribute to the well-being and development of agricultural growers through a supportive, fair, responsible, and transparent relationship.

We believe that the best way to contribute is to share our knowledge of the best agricultural, processing and commercial practices gained through more than 30 years of experience.

The production of avocados and green asparagus by growers from multiple areas and climates allows us to supply them to our customers around the world 365 days a year.


Improve the quality of life of small and medium-sized agricultural growers by offering avocados to our customers throughout the year.


Build trust and long-term relationships based on 4 axes: technical support, collection, processing and marketing.

What makes us different?

We work together with the growers to always be with our clients


More than 30 years of experience in the field.

Technical Support

Permanent and without cost to the producer.

Best prices

We offer the best price to the producer.


We share all the information with the producers.


We work directly with the producer.


We comply with all national and foreign regulations.

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