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Life in the desert!

This is how Talsa was born in 1989, a Grupo Rocío company and leader in agro-exports in the La Libertad region, northern Peru. Specialized in Hass avocado, green and white asparagus.


company that was born in the north of Peru and today serves more than 20 countries.


we drive innovation in our plants and fields.


we work to build the best bridges with our different stakeholders.



Talsa is a Grupo Rocio company that began when Rafael Quevedo Flores, an agricultural engineer and native of Libertad, set up a small poultry project with just three workers and 2,000 birds in the Viru Valley, in La Libertad.


At the beginning of the 90s we went from being a poultry company to an agro-industrial company with the cultivation of 20 hectares of asparagus through the installation of the first commercial pressurized irrigation system (drip irrigation) in the valleys of La Libertad... Life in the desert! This is how Talsa was born.


After the asparagus, the planting of different agricultural products continued, among which the avocado stood out. In 2004, Avo Peru was founded in partnership with Avocados del Rey. In consequence, 700 hectares began to be managed in the arid lands of La Libertad.


Talsa became the pioneer company with 25 hectares of blueberries of the Biloxi variety in the Viru and Chao valleys, La Libertad.


A joint venture is created with Hortifrut, a Chilean agro-industrial company specializing in berries, to plant 700 hectares of its patented blueberry varieties and thus complement Talsa's 1,100-hectare project with Fall Creek varieties.


The sale of the entire Talsa blueberry operation in Peru to Hortifrut takes place. The Quevedo family becomes one of the main shareholders and members of the controlling group of Hortifrut Peru.


Talsa Agroexport (TAE) is created with the purpose of contributing to the development of small and medium growers from Peru.


Talsa Global Sourcing (TGS) is founded to develop new plantations and business in Latam. Currently, TGS has operations in Chile, Ecuador and Colombia.


Talsa is a leader agro-export company based in La Libertad region in the northern of Peru. Specialized in Hass avocado, green and white asparagus. We bring high quality products to the most demanding customers in the world.

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